18 June 2019

The M T2D dual triode distortion was scheduled for a late-May release, but the initial batch of faceplates did not meet expectations, so after finding a new supplier to produce the faceplates with a different process, we are now on track for a mid-July shipment.

The delay is unfortunate, but the good news is that along with the improved quality, the design will remain unchanged and the price will remain the same as well. We appreciate those who are patiently waiting for the module, and we are just as eager to get them out into the world!



09–11 May 2019

Please visit Sonocurrent at Superbooth19, 09–11 May 2019, FEZ Berlin, table E261 (near the main entrance).

The first Sonocurrent module, the M T2D dual triode distortion, will be ready for release with production units set up to demonstrate the potential of this new two-channel tube-based distortion processor for the Eurorack format.